Aaron Leider Wants Animal Torture To Stop

Animal Cruelty happens in all areas of the world. Reported cases of abuse are just the beginning as far as Aaron Leider is concerned. There are hundreds of abusive incidents that remain unlisted. Individuals carry out devastating and monstrous violations on animals.

Aaron is actively involved in a campaign against elephant torture.

Aaron Leider’s Listed Warnings Signs

Viciousness can take lots of shapes ranging from accidental neglect due to lack of education and money all the way up to deliberate torture like dogfighting. It is crucial to look at both pets and their environment to figure out if abuse may be taking place. Aggressive, shy and uneasy behavior can appear for numerous reasons other than abuse. For example, a dog that is taken care of for a medical condition may look unhealthy at the beginning of their recovery period. The symptoms below can help you know if the pet( s) you’ve observed may be sufferers of cruelty or negligence.

Appearance indicators of manhandling:

▪ Collar in the pet’s neck enclosed so tight it is leading to a wound
▪ Open wounds, signs of various healed wounds, or a persistent issue or health problem that isn’t dealt with
▪ Unattended skin conditions that have caused reduction of hair, scaly skin, bumps or rashes
▪ Flea, tick or other outside attacks of the fur
▪ Areas of bumpy, skin rashes
▪ Symptoms of deficient grooming; twisted fur, disordered nails, grimy coat
▪ Limping or the failure to wander or stand normally
▪ Severe physical weakness
▪ Intense discharge from eyes or nose
▪ Seen beating or other indications of bodily harm
▪ Visible signs of confusion or excessive sleepiness
▪ Pets are visibly thin
▪ Pets that act aggressively to their owners and / or other people

Aaron Leider advises every person to keep an eye on these kinds of clues to report animal cruelty as soon as possible. He has no doubt that courts and magistrates need to take penalties more seriously and be much more rigorous on repeat offenders.

It is time we began looking out for our furry family members considering that they don’t have a voice. If you know of any abused animals near you but don’t have an idea what to do, get in touch with Aaron.

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Aaron Leider unfortunately has been a victim to online extortion. You can read his story here. 

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