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Google Search Result Pages can produce high-ranking concocted assertions that destroy relationships and employment opportunities, these are some ideas from Cosmedique Reviews for fixing these injurious Google results.cosmedique reviews advice for dealing with defamation


Should you detect an erroneous criticism filed about you and your business concern, it is fine to post a convincing rebuttal right away, however, keep it unpretentious. The assaults against you are a type of psychological warfare; you will probably win or lose the minds of your future customers, depending on how you answer. NOTE: Post ONLY a single rebuttal on the actual gripe website, or else the problem complaint will most likely gain much higher Search engine standings. Don’t worry, you can explain to the viewers that the absence of subsequent responses is not evidence of guilt, by opening up your one-time answer with something similar to this: “I will not engage a continuous discussion on this site, as it will merely stir up additional hatred by my unethical competitor (or other pertinent portrayal). Notwithstanding, I do respectfully publish this single reply for the interest of my clienteles’ confidence”.


DO NOT counter old posts on the gripe site, doing so can only increase their search engine rank, Google is crazy about a dispute, & our research suggests cedes extra ranking to on-going quarrels. Just leave older complaints to pass away.

DO NOT be excessively defensive. When calling out someone’s vehement efforts to convert others of some situation in an angry or to defensive way is often read wrong by other people. It may make you seem defensive, and fake.

DO NOT mention your rival. Utilize third person terms such as “he” or “she”. Or else, you’ll simply incite them further. Moreover, it seems sleazy and vengeful to the visitors.

DO PUBLISH more favorable content referring to you and your business enterprise, often the only antidote for deleterious discourse is much more chatter. In the event that you do not take command of Google’s search results for your full name, other people will, without your blessing, and it is going to end negatively if he or she does not appreciate you. If you haven’t published much of pertinent, concise material about yourself, then Google will have no choice but to present the diatribe generated by others, including those who wish to destroy you and your livelihood.


A team of professional online reputation management experts have graciously given way their experience and strategies, to a charitable online resource called


Professional Online Reputation Repair companies are flourishing, owing to Google’s search algorithm, which seems to offer at minimum 1 adverse search engine result, for almost all ventures and entrepreneurs.

But be careful choosing an agency! SPAM email comes from many services based in developing regions, many exploit despairing, unhappy people, shopping for immediate help for the trouble being caused by their online reputation dilemmas. Do your due diligence, verify that the individuals you bring on board share your native language, and offer complete transparency about their identity, and precisely where they are based.


“See you in court!” is in many cases the first reply from a person unjustly bad-mouthed by online defamation. But bear in mind, this type of response more often than not brings along with it great psychological and mental debilitation and anguish. It is vital that you catch one’s breath, and mindfully count the financial and emotional consequences before opening such a can of worms.

If you choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against your defamer, think about NOT pursuing personal damages; in doing this the lawsuit will be much less complex. If your primary goal is the mitigation of the libelous Google results, then you can just ask for (1) Declaratory Relief and (2) Injunctive Relief. Though, declaratory relief is just an announcement by the Court/Judge, that something is or is not so. For example, if in your lawsuit you ask the bench to declare that the web-based claims made against you are misrepresentative, he or she will, hopefully, release conclusions to that effect. For these reasons, the court can also order that the defamatory texts be removed from public access by the publisher. If the writer declines, then in many cases various of the online search engines will likely observe the purpose of the verdict, conclusions, and mandates, and get rid of the vexing information from their particular search indexes. That way, though the upsetting content continues within the problem website, the fact is, if it is not available in search engines, it may as well not exist, as it is extremely unlikely anybody will look for it. As such, your intention of cleaning up the prolonged credibility damage will have been obtained.

If your antagonist finds that the distress that he or she caused you has been erased, then the smear campaign might commence all over again, if so you may go back to the judge and request the judge to issue subsequent injunctions. But hopefully, the original directives will consist of language that controls future publication of similar statements.

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