According to one of his alleged employers, Antwon Becket provided counterfeit pay-stubs as part of a fraudulent car loan application on 22 November 2019.

The car dealership had to repossess the vehicle. In response, it appears Antwon posted several false reviews is a vengeful, malicious act, rather than taking responsibility for his own actions. He used his own name for one review, and fake names for others. Here are some examples

The dealership is filing suit against Antwon for $2,100.00 for damages and losses associated with the fraud.

The full details of the case will be published here, and several other places. However, in accordance with our policies, the exposes will be removed if:

(1) Antwon deletes his malicious, vengeful, fake reviews against the dealership

(2) Antwon enters into a payment agreement for the $2,100 in losses with the dealership

Check back soon for updates.