These are Infinity Group Australia reviews from clientsWhat Infinity Group Australia reviews are saying

Graeme, Rebecca and their team at Infinity Group Australia are dedicated to supporting families with debt relief, wealth development as well as planning retirement. The Infinity Group Australia reviews, supplied by Infinity’s clients, demonstrate the expertise of Infinity’s professionals, personal customer service and successful outcomes of their assistance.

In an interview, Graeme Holm, the co-founder, mentioned: “At Infinity, we have never encountered a client that we could not help. We give each dollar a purpose. Our service concentrates on showing the distinction between a wish and a need while at the same time holding you accountable to your objectives”.

Infinity Group Australia recognised through awards

In the last couple of years, Infinity Group Australia reviews received numerous awards. The co-founder, Graeme, was included in the MPA top 100 broker list. Additionally, the business itself was nominated for the Optus Business Awards for customer service business and was discovered by the AFR as one of the top 100 best revolutionary companies for 2018.

Infinity Group Australia reviews

Besides the impressive awards, Infinity Group Australia reviews have also proven the professionalism and knowledge that Infinity has to offer. The company prefers to call their clients “financial family members”. To know that this is not just some saying is proven by the reviews provided by the Infinity Group Australia clients.

On a client review video, Michael said:

“The people at Infinity really care about you, they care about your family. That’s why I highly recommend them to anyone.”

The company reviews have been investigated by a third party who called the reviews to be a “positive reflection of client satisfaction.

The Infinity Group Australia reviews have also been complimented by the Rugby player Jayson B.
“So I met infinity through my rugby league club, Cronulla Sharks, they were a major sponsor of the club. I sat down with them, me and my wife, and they talked us through the process of how we could save money and budget and eventually purchase a house and future investments. And they just spoke to us in a way that felt comfortable in a way for me and my wife. We could share things with them about our future and what we had dreams of doing and aspirations we had. And the way they sat down and made us feel was pretty much the reason why we went with Infinity.”

Another client acknowledges the success of Infinity services, saying:

“We’ve been with Infinity now for 4 years. we were probably like most people “this sounds just a little too good to be true.” In the following 6 months we were absolutely astounded as to how our mortgage reduced and our savings increased and our wealth increased. I highly recommend that people contact Infinity just to hear what they have to say. I believe it will change your life as it has changed our life. But you never ever know if you never ever try.”

Infinity Background

In 2013, Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker launched Infinity Group Australia. What began as a way of guiding acquaintances and family on the best ways to invest, rapidly transformed into an award-winning business and honourable reviews. Throughout the years, Infinity Group Australia expanded with office spaces in not just Port Macquarie, but also Bella Vista, Cronulla, Melbourne, and Brisbane.