JT Foxx is a well-known businessman, wealth coach, and the author of Business Lessons. With his success in the last years, he also became a victim of a malicious smear campaign and Bitcoin critics. To counter these JT Foxx scam allegations, he wants to highlight the abundance of positive JT Foxx reviews from his students, like Julie Solomon and Serena.

JT Foxx Reviews

I met JT Foxx just seven short months ago, and I never thought that my life could change so much as it has. In just seven months, we went from having an idea for a business to be global speakers. We’ve had the opportunity to meet amazing people worldwide, from Al Pacino and Calvin Klein and John Travolta and George Ross to many others. We also developed partnerships with other business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide, from South Africa, Australia, London, and many other places. So I hope you take advantage of the opportunities like we have to change your life and take actions. 

  • Jennifer Doudna

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I’m here at the beautiful Hilton hotel in South Africa, at the JT seminar. I must say when I was here initially a few months ago and we had the seminar I was very impressed. I did not see JT at that time, but Dana and the students were so passionate about this guy. And it created a drive within me. I had to see who this JT was, I never heard of him before, but I was eager to see him. So I bought into the program and never regretted it. And when I got to see JT, wow, the hairs on my back stood up. He is a guy with a good aura, wonderful personality and lives up to the name. His training is great. He is very passionate about his students, about the family, and gives it 101%. He is really dedicated to the students and makes us part of the family. As a coaching student, I feel very optimistic, and the coaching so far has been great. My coach is very down to earth and wants to assist and wants to hear what I have to say and then helps me with the bigger picture and guides me all the way. And they offer great follow-ups. I’ve been away for a month, and my coach phoned me every week but couldn’t get a hold of me. Yet, she never gave up. And she finally got a hold of me, she asked if I was alright. Just very caring. 

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I’ve been to several of JT’s events and have known him for about a year and a half. I find him to be a real sincere person, someone who is deeply concerned about his coaching students. He seems to want to see everybody that he comes in contact with succeed.

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I have known JT Foxx for just a couple of weeks, but he’s making a tremendous difference in our lives already. My son brought me into the organization for coaching, and I just feel like JT’s there for us. He’s giving

us training and information that he doesn’t have to share with everyone. He is doing it because he wants to help people. He’s making a difference in our lives, in our business.

  • Donna Winfrey

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I am just thrilled to be part of the JT Foxx organization. I’m a retired teacher and knew nothing at all about business, and I’ve learned so much from him. He’s just such a genuinely warm human being, and the organization he put together is just phenomenal. The mentor that we’ve been able to work with and so many people who are able to answer questions for us. I feel like we’re really on the right track, and JT is really helping us get there. It’s really great to have somebody as successful as he is helping somebody like me become successful. So I appreciate all of the time and energy he’s devoted to me.

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