Unfortunately, when you are making positive changes or become successful, people around you can negatively affect you. This happened to JT Foxx. When he became successful as an entrepreneur, wealth coach, and Bitcoin investor, people started calling him a JT Foxx scam. He has had to deal with lies, conspiracies, rumors, and scam allegations, even though his own clients tell a very different story

JT Foxx scamJT Foxx does not care much for this because he knows that haters gonna hate. With success comes hate. And from his experience with hate, he now knows the best way to deal with haters.

JT Foxx scam gives five tips to deal with haters.

1: When people start hating, ignore them. You don’t have to laugh at their pointed jokes. You don’t have to defend yourself or even have to look at them when they are negative. JT Foxx scam wants people to know that haters hate to get a reaction out of you. If you ignore them, you take away that satisfaction. Being ignored is one of the most powerful negative reinforcement and often works very well to get people to change their behavior.

If you are one-on-one, you can just let an awkward silence sit. And if you are in a group, go and talk to someone else who is not hating on you.

People who are hating usually look for a reaction. When they are ignored, they’re likely to drop it.

2: Some haters act passive-aggressive and act as if they are genuine. You can use this to your advantage by the way you react. So when someone says sarcastically, “nice sweater,” respond with, “thanks, I’m glad you like it.” This can be confusing and forces the haters to say what they mean or to back down. Either way, you will not have to deal with passive-aggressive behavior.

3: Another type of passive-aggressiveness that JT Foxx Scam has encountered is “I could never do that.” For example, you may say that you live off noodles to save enough money to move to Nashville to become big in the country scene. The hater may reply by saying, “I could never live like that”. Or you tell them you are following a new diet that cuts out all carbs, and they look at you as if you are crazy. Your response should be simple; you could say:

“It’s a good thing that you can make decisions for you, and I get to make decisions for me. Because if we had to do the same, it seems that we would both be really unhappy.”

This type of reaction will get the hater of your back.

4: When the criticism comes from people close to you, a bit of vulnerability can go a long way. Resistance is what makes most haters continue. They may say that you’ll never be able to make it. You say that you will make it for these reasons. Then, they will say why those reasons are not good enough. And the cycle continues as long as the disagreement is about the facts.

Instead, JT Foxx scam encourages you to share your values and real concerns. By doing so, you’re likely to have more success.

For example, when someone close to you says your business will fail, respond by saying that it might not work out, but you love what you do and learn a lot.

Or when they say you should quit your goal to become more confident because they think it’s not something you can learn. Respond by saying that confidence doesn’t always come naturally to you, but you have to work on it. Explain you have seen some improvements, and it has had a really positive effect on how you feel, so you will keep going.

If you explain the emotional reasons for working on something, people tend to stop their attack and be more positive.

5: Find a community. Many times, hate comes from people close to us who don’t want us to change. They are invested in you staying the same, even if it comes at the expense of your happiness and growth. So to limit this pushback, find groups that are into what you are into. Hang out with those illustrators who like to draw comics or comedians who practice at the local club.

There is a group for just about everything. You can find a group that suits you if you google your town and the activity that you are into.