When you don’t have the budget to hire an expert

max finsky psychologistIndustrial-organizational (I/O) psychology looks at behavior and needs in the work environment to bring solutions to certain issues. While both sides of this area research study similar topics, they offer different point of views. This is what gives companies a specialized understanding to get the most out of their team according to Max Finsky. Max is an I/O consultant himself and explained his profession in full detail.

While it is beneficial for most companies to hire an expert such as Finsky, you can implement I/O psychology yourself. You don’t need an on-staff professional to implement I/O psychology inside your company to make your staff more satisfied. Especially for small businesses might not be able to justify the expenses. That is why Max shares his method on improving staff productivity. By carrying out personality assessments, you can learn just how to function best with your group based on individual choices, work designs as well as habits.

Max Finsky claims personality assessments can be utilized to assist screen applicants as a “multiple-hurdle technique” to working with or improve skills.

Personality assessments recommended by Max Finsky

DiSC Assessment

This examination recognizes communication patterns in the office and helps workers comprehend how to more effectively interact and talk with each other.


This test places you right into one of 16 personality types to help you comprehend how you view the world as well as why you choose. Though this is a preferred test, there is some conflict surrounding it, according to Max Finsky, since it does not always produce the same outcomes when somebody takes the test several times.

Predictive Index

This is a brief, straightforward examination that assists you recognize your employees’ actions at the office. This can help you align goals as well as improve performance.

Five-Factor Model Of Personality

The FFM divides individuals into the “big five” traits: extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and also openness to experience.

Occupational Interest Inventories (OIIs)

OIIs determine workers’ rate of interests in the work environment, assisting you recognize their recommended tasks and roles. This aids in job delegation as well as employee retention.

Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs)

SJTs utilize stimulated scenarios to check just how workers would certainly react in a provided circumstance. That way, you can evaluate their customer care abilities and face any kind of feasible imperfections in their method.

It’s essential to keep in mind that these tests aren’t matched for every organization. Finsky warns that attempting to assess the outcomes of any personality examinations on your own, without the help of a specialist, can cause dispute and misunderstandings. He suggests that you consult a specialist psychologist before you carry out or share the outcomes of any kind of individuality examinations in your workforce. Finsky regularly shares tips and interesting studies on his LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.