Why we funded RightOfReply.org

Joe Blow
Entrepreneur – Victim of Witness Tampering & Internet Smear Campaign

I spent many years building up a successful and reputable investment coaching business. Both my personal name and brands were spotless, until the day I was asked by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission to testify against a business operating illegally. Consequently, two men were banned from the industry, one for life, and the other for three years. Less than 24 hours after the bans were announced, a vicious Internet smear campaign was launched against me, my family, my customers, and my business. Our national broadcaster produced a news article on my plight:

Unfortunately, smear campaigns are becoming a normal part of doing business in the 21st-century. But it doesn’t make it any less painful. I have thick skin, I have weathered many storms, so this experience was just a temporary speed-bump for me. However, there are many people who may not have the business or emotional resilience, and this type of attack could be traumatic and devastating. This is why I want to help the Right of Reply project, to give victims a voice, and a platform to be heard.