Thomas Hollenbeck Mug Shot Fort Smith Arkansas

by Shannon Tracy.

When I left the United States, it was because I had a very REAL fear for Zynlea’s safety. Not a fabricated fear, not a perceived fear… A real fear for the safety of my baby girl, who trusted me, her mother, to protect her! And I intended to do just that.


The information being circulated about the circumstances of Zynlea and I leaving the country are deeply concerning. A very small part of this story has been shared many times on multiple public platforms. I have kept silent until now because I was fighting a much more important battle than simply defending my reputation. However, since the court system here in Montenegro took the time to review all the details on why I left, subsequently deciding that it was in Zynlea’s best interest to stay here with me instead of return to America, I feel like I can finally share my story. 

I pray this will offer some clarity to anyone that would like to have specifics on why this decision was made. I believe most of you will want to hear our story, allowing you to make an educated decision regarding what you choose to support moving forward. I will do my best to share facts that can be supported, but please keep in mind that this has been a highly emotional sequence of events. It would be impossible to keep emotion completely out, nor do I feel that would be appropriate. 

I had full custody when I left the US, as well as an emergency protection order in place, issued from LeFlore County Oklahoma, which can be viewed here. Oklahoma Court records

In the links included in the detailed narrative below, you will find links to police reports involving Thomas Hollenbeck’s history of drugs and violence, arrest reports, social services reports, conviction record, protection orders, and court records. I encourage you to explore as much as you’d like. You may not agree with my decision, and that’s ok. At least come to that conclusion with all information available.

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Why would she run?

Thank You!

I would like to thank each and every one of you that prayed for Zynlea’s safety and well-being!

Thomas Hollenbeck