Sunny Handa md mba is a public speaker and basketball enthusiast. Conscious of his fitness and health, he prefers basketball over other sports because it can be played as a competitive sport and a casual game with friends. Furthermore, it provides a great workout as it involves using your entire body. Because basketball is a fast-paced game, it involves much jumping and running, which is great for fitness. As far as Sunny Handa md mba is concerned, basketball is the perfect choice if you want to be healthy and enjoy sport. 

Health benefits of Basketball

According to Sunny Handa md mba, there are many health benefits to playing basketball. It is great for cardiovascular health for starters because of the fast movements that increase your heart rate. This will help lower your risk of stroke and heart disease later in life. 

Besides improving heart health, it boosts the entire immune system. Playing basketball or any other sport helps to reduce stress. When stress is reduced, you will have more energy and focus, which helps you accomplish more and makes you more social, helping your mental well-being

In addition to the indirect effect on one’s mental well-being, basketball also boosts mental development directly. Because it is a fast-paced game, it requires physical skills but also needs you to think on your toes. A player needs to focus to accurately and quickly process the action on the court and make effective decisions with the ball. That is what attracts Sunny Handa md mba to this sport. The fact it not only requires your body to work, but also your mind. 

Furthermore, it develops better coordination and motor skills because basketball requires excellent hand-eye coordination as well as full-body coordination. Through dribbling, you train hand-eye coordination, and rebounding shots that are missed gives you the practice to improve full-body coordination.

Playing regularly also helps with losing weight, Sunny Handa md mba explains. All the fast lateral movements, jumping and running, provides an aerobic workout that burns many calories. But it also gives you an excellent full-body workout and improves the development of lean muscle. It strengthens your lower back, deltoids, traps, neck, and abs. And in addition to that, the movements like shooting and dribbling strengthens your legs, arms, hands, and wrists flexors. Generally speaking, for every hour of playing basketball, an individual who weighs 165 pounds may expect to burn approximately 600 calories, whereas a person who weighs 250 pounds will burn about 900 calories. 

And finally, Sunny Handa md mba mentions the personal development impact. When playing basketball, there are certain rules which, when breaking, lead to penalties for not just yourself, but your entire team. This helps you develop self-discipline and concentration. It also requires spatial awareness. As a player, you need to know where you need to be to make that perfect shot or defend properly. Having the awareness of your space and body, you will know precisely where you need to be when your teammate or opponent makes a shot or passes the ball. When your spatial awareness improves, you will be better at keeping you in balance. 

To start playing basketball is easy. Even though basketball’s official games require 10 players, you can also play with just yourself or one other player. If you have more of a competitive spirit, you can also join a team and get involved in local playing. Find out if there is a basketball team near you by checking out your local sports center. 

What Sunny Handa md mba wants you to be mindful of

Sunny Handa md mba wants to make a few suggestions before taking up basketball. He believes that adults should check with their doctor first, because basketball is a fast-action game with lots of running, jumping, pivoting, and twisting, so injuries and accidents can happen quickly. Basketball also puts a lot of stress on the legs, particularly the knees and ankles, and places pressure on tight shoulders. Protect yourself by becoming strong and flexible, as basketball is a very physically demanding sport. 

Before you hit the court, spend some time warming up and stretching your muscles and joints. After playing, set some time apart to cool down and stretch. While playing, make sure you have plenty of fluids on hand and rehydrate regularly. Also, mix it up with other low-impact sports. While playing in competitive games is great, you can also have fun and benefit from a small space and a one-on-one game.