Yoga Burn is a fitness and way of living improvement website designed and established by Zoe Bray-Cotton and Digital Health Solutions Inc. Yoga Burn commits to helping women enjoy a happier, healthier daily life. They do this predominantly through yoga-fitness programs.

Founder of Yoga Burn

Yoga Burn founder

Zoe Bray-Cotton created Yoga Burn in partnership with the team of Digital Health Solutions Inc. She has ten years of personal training and Yoga teaching experience. She leverages her knowledge to create health and fitness products for women.

Her products are popular among women who are interested in health, happiness and body toning through yoga-fitness. Women across the world use The Yoga Burn products. There are no gym memberships or workout tools needed to follow a Yoga Burn program.

Zoe Bray-Cotton is a licensed yoga coach, certified personal trainer and fitness expert. Zoe has coached all significant forms and types of Yoga for over a decade through some of most well known and celebrated gyms in North America as well as Yoga Studios.

The Yoga Programs

Yoga Burn offers online body shaping solutions for women. You can download the programs so they are always available through any mobile device or computer. What makes Yoga Burn so popular and powerful is the strategic 3 stage method to natural, healthy weight loss. This method attends to the challenges women experience when it comes to forming their body and feeling positive. People who use the programs have great results.

The secret behind the success of the Yoga Burn Program is the Dynamic Sequencing Method. Dynamic Sequencing is the way how the program teaches you how to correctly perform each motion. It then increases the challenge at the exact moment your body begins to get used to the flow. Switching up the routine forces your body to change and adapt. This adaption allows you to build a shapely, feminine body that not only looks better, but is also healthier! The program consists of 3 phases. You are taken through a series of different videos. These videos are set out in a way to keep your body and mind guessing. This prevents boredom or hitting a plateau. Every video is 45 minutes long and can be done anytime. You are encouraged to follow three 45 minute videos a week, with the option to carry out a bonus video training. It’s highly encouraged to fit the bonus video in if you can find the time. The bonus video helps increase your emotional well being, self-confidence, and total happiness.

Yoga Burn challenge for the full body

This distinct fitness routine is developed specifically for women. It helps women to shape and tone their entire body while losing fat and delighting in the incredible benefits of yoga at the same time. As you’ll see, the key to the effectiveness of the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge lies in the revolutionary form of low impact resistance training referred to as Extension Training.

Participators in the challenge help each other in the Yoga Burn Facebook community group with well over 1 million members. Zoe also talks about tips and yoga routines on her Yoga Burn Instagram page.

What people say

Thousands of people across the world accomplish their results – whether it’s health or looks – with Yoga Burn. Many shared their experience on the internet to encourage other women. Bloggers also tried out Zoe’s programs to see if it works and posted their opinion.

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